FreedomWorks is now Bachaaya!

We’re excited to let you know we’ve refined our brand and we’re now officially going by the name, Bachaaya!

Bachaaya is a Hindi word that means “rescued”, or saved from a dangerous or distressing situation.

Bachaaya from a life of bondage.

Bachaaya from a life of extreme poverty.

Bachaaya from a meaningless existence.

Freedom Yarn, Freedom Squares, Freedom Sari Quilts, and Freedom Wearables, are all handmade by previously enslaved women. Your purchase sustains their liberation, and ensures that their daughters will not have to follow in Mom’s footsteps. The vicious cycle of desperation and despair is being broken! Their future is bright and filled with Hope.

We have the same mission, the same products, but a new face, and a lot of exciting things to come!


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