Crocheted Market Bag

This tote is both sturdy and stylish. The tight, woven-like texture on the base of that bag makes it stand out among other market bag designs.  The tight fabric keeps smaller items in the bag and prevents them from slipping out, while the mesh top lends to the market bag feel.



You will need:

  • Three skeins of Freedom Yarn or Comparable Bulky Yarn. This pattern uses just over 2 skeins and 304 grams of yarn (in Ebony & Ivory colorway)  
  • Size P 11.5 mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Size: Approximately 14.5″ tall and 11″ wide **This is a medium sized market bag

Notes:  This bag is worked from the base up in continuous rounds. You will start by creating a flat circle by crocheting in the round with single crochet stitches. From there you will work up with sides using the CSC stitch.  This is the “center single crochet” stitch.  This stitch is much like single crochet, but you work through the legs of the single crochet below.

It definitely takes some “work”. Make sure you don’t crochet too tightly or it will be more difficult.  The CSC stitch doesn’t flow as quickly as regular single crochet, but you get the nice tight fabric that you see on this bag.  If you’re having too much trouble, just single crochet the bottom portion!




  • ch – Chain
  • sc- single crochet
  • tcsc- center single crochet
  • st – stitch
  • sk – skip

Base of Bag : (flat circle done in single crochet)

  • Ch 2
  • Round 1 Work 6 sc into 2ndchain from hook (mark the beginning of round with stitch marker each round if needed)
  • Round 2 2 sc each sc around. (12 stitches)
  • Round 3 2 sc in first stitch, 1 sc in next. Repeat around. (18 stitches)
  • Round 4 2 sc in first stitch, 1 sc in next two stitches. Repeat around.  (24 stitches)
  • Round 5 2 sc in first stitch, 1 sc in next three stitches. Repeat around (30 stitches)
  • Round 6 2 sc in first stitch, 1 sc in next 4 stitches. Repeat around (36 stitches)
  • Round 7 2 sc in first stitch, 1 sc in next 5 stitches. Repeat around (42 stitches)
  • Round 8 2 sc in first stitch, 1 sc in next 6 stitches. Repeat around (48 stitches). Skip stitch and slip stitch to join.  Now there will be 47 stitches in that round.

Lower half sides:

  • Round 9 Sc in each stitch around (47 stitches) (Mark your round)
  • Round 10 and – Csc in each stitch around.
  • Round 11 and until you have approximately 5″ inches of csc stitches – Continue making csc stitches in continuous rounds for approximately 13 more rounds. No need to join at the end of each round.
  • Note: each round will continue to have 47 stitches each
  • Once you have approximately 5″ inches in height of csc stitches, you are then ready to move onto the upper half sides.

Upper half sides:

(This is where you will work the open looking stitches towards the upper half of the bag)

  • Next round: *Ch 2, sk stitch, slip stitch into next stitch* Repeat around
  • Next round and continuing for 14 rounds or about 6.5 inches – Chain 2, slip stitch into ch 2 stitch below. Repeat around.
  • Once you have 14 rounds of this pattern mesh pattern, you will move onto the top portion below.


Top Portion

  • Make 1 round of single crochet stitches (in order to be able to csc in the next round)
  • Make 3 continuous rounds of csc stitches. Tie off.


  • Row 1 Attach yarn to upper side of bag and single crochet 5 stitches across, ch 1, turn
  • Row 2 Csc across (4 stitches)
  • Repeat row 2 until handle is the length that you would like. Mine is 19” long.  Holding bag straight, attach handle to opposite side of bag. Whip stitch to join or used your preferred method.
  • Now, you will single crochet around each edge of the handle and along the top portion of the bag. This will make your handle look nice and neat.  Tie off, weave in all ends.


(Free Pattern by Mama in a Stitch--on Pinterest, adapted for Freedom Yarn)


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