John & Brenda

Bachaaya (formerly FreedomWorks) is a Hindi words that means "rescued". We exist to connect concerned groups and individuals to the urgent needs of the trafficked and at-risk around the world. Human Trafficking is a global epidemic that is not going away quickly. We must raise an army to combat this modern day slavery.

We believe that there isn’t a more critical need than that of rescuing victims of human trafficking and preventing those at high risk from being trafficked in the first place.

A critical component for lasting freedom is to offer vocational and life skills training options. Without this, the victims’ freedom will be short lived. In most countries, there are no other options and no welfare system to care for the neglected. In reality, they do not want a handout—they want a handup! Empowering them to do honorable work gives them a sense of dignity and pride and continues their healing process.

We partner with a National Team whose work is holistic, and together we address the discipleship, medical, relational, educational and vocational needs of hundreds of ladies and their families.